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Captivate relevant users, drive stays and stay connected.

AI-empowered, mobile-first solution for hotels to measure campaign impact, reach relevant customers and create a dialogue to drive direct bookings.

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SIX Insights

Insights empower you to quantify campaign impact, measure performance and track social content ROI.

SIX Insights


Track real-time analytics to understand how your channels are converting into Property Views, Nights Booked and Saved to Lists.

SIX Insights


Automate your social activity and tracking with a dynamic feed to help you measure content impact with predictive insights and interaction metrics.

AUDIENCE (Private Beta)

Access user information by cohort and target new audiences using behavioral data and artificial intelligence.

Studio helps you transform customer experience, build better campaigns and initiate relevant collaborations.

SIX Insights


Manage your property detail page with up-to-date, unique and collaborative content.

SIX Insights


Build campaigns and create a direct dialogue with relevant users to enable them to book seamlessly at their points of discovery, leveraging both earned and owned social content.


Evaluate inquiries for comped stays, engage pre-vetted creators and launch effective collaborative campaigns.

Free 14-day trial. Easy setup. Cancel any time.